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Maintenance Plans

RES delivers customized HVAC products and services based on the exact needs of customers. Since we know that lack of maintenance is the greatest culprit behind system failure, we proudly design maintenance plans for your protection and to increase the longevity of your system.

RES offers the most comprehensive preventative maintenance plans to keep your heating and cooling systems in good shape all year round. Take advantage of our Energy Savings Agreements for a low monthly fee.

*Procedures include:

Cleaning and adjusting burner assembly | Clean ignition assembly | Clean heat exchanger or elements | Monitor flue draft | Adjust operating pressures | Monitor starting capabilities | Test safety controls | Clean or replace filters | Clean and adjust blower components | Measure for correct air flow | Tighten electrical connections | Measure volts/amps on motors | Lubricate all moving parts | Adjust thermostat calibration | Clean evaporator coil if accessible | Clean condenser coil | Clean condensate drains | Measure temperature differential