AC Maintenance in East Texas

Every year, your air conditioner should receive a tune-up visit from a qualified technician. Why? Tune-ups of your home’s air conditioning can assure that your system operates at peak performance all year long. Call on the experts at RES for expert AC maintenance, serving the entire East Texas area.

What Does Preventative Maintenance Mean?

Preventative maintenance is work done to prevent future problems.

Almost all of our customers that request maintenance service have an AC that’s working just fine. The purpose of preventative maintenance is simply system upkeep. Just like keeping your home tidy, it’s much easier to keep up than to catch up. In other words, regular maintenance is relatively painless, while dealing with a significant AC repair can be very stressful.

Why Air Conditioning Maintenance is Important

It pays to be prepared. In short, a well-maintained air conditioner operates much differently than one that hasn’t been serviced in years. AC maintenance goes far beyond simple maintenance tips like changing your filter. Regular tune-ups give your air conditioner the revitalization it really needs – just like changing the oil in your car.

Your air conditioning system has hundreds of parts that help deliver comfortable temperatures to your home. Your condenser, the indoor coils, refrigerant piping, and ductwork all need to be in working order. Not to mention the one component perched on your wall: the thermostat! All of these components – plus the hundreds of internal components – need regular check-ups to assure they are operating correctly.

And remember, AC maintenance is not the same as an AC inspection. Every new homeowner should schedule AC maintenance, even if you just bought your home.

Save with an HVAC Maintenance Plan

We understand that you’re busy. With your hectic schedule, we can confidently say that getting AC maintenance scheduled probably isn’t the top of your priority list. Not to mention you’ll have to remember to schedule furnace maintenance too!

We can take care of all the remembering and scheduling when you sign up for our Preferred Member Maintenance Plan. For a low payment, you can protect your home with regular maintenance for both your cooling and heating systems. Our maintenance plan members get personalized service from start to finish.

AC Maintenance: Homeowner Benefits

Energy Savings

Are your energy bills just getting more and more expensive each year? There’s a good chance your AC needs maintenance! Your air conditioner has to work harder to compensate for built-up dust and grime in your system. Plus, the mechanical parts in your AC require regular lubrication to ensure smooth operation. Annual preventative maintenance keeps your energy bills low.

Improved Lifespan

HVAC manufacturers recommend annual service. Why? Maintenance is essential to keep your AC running as long as possible. During maintenance visits, your RES technician will keep a close eye on internal parts, making sure they are in good working condition. Put simply; annual tune-ups keep your air conditioner functioning properly for as long as possible.

Prevent Expensive Repairs

You know what they say: hindsight is 20/20. Many of our customers have learned the hard way: a serious repair in the middle of summer is costly and stressful. With regular maintenance, many of those breakdowns could have been identified before it became a real problem. Savvy homeowners know that preventative maintenance is key to avoiding major issues, providing peace of mind for the entire year.